About Us

Norwegian Center for Safe Roadwork – A resource and competence center for road safety.

The main owner Arvid Gjerde AS has operated with traffic protection for more than 40 years, and has specialized in the installation of road and bridge railings.

Norwegian Center for Safe Roadwork is intended to help create a safe working environment for those working on and off road. This is done by reducing the potential accident risk, as well as helping to reduce the extent of damage in case of undesirable incidents.

Arvid Gjerde AS is responsible for the physical handrails, the Norwegian Center for Safe Roadwork is responsible for the mental railings. A distribution that ensures your safety and the security of others in the best way possible.

Our courses and training concepts combine the virtual reality (VR) and Real Life (RL) in a good way to improve the learning effect.

  • Studies show an increased learning effect of 30% when using VR.
  • VR is a good tool to train and practice without the risk of life and health.
  • It provides a cost savings in both time and money.

It gives you results in the form of safe work and reduced costs.

You will find us in Åndalsnes